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Can a white paper generate hundreds of new leads in a few months?

The venerable white paper lives on - and why not? As a PDF download, it can be used to collect demographic information from readers and solicit their interest in other products and services. A white paper uses selected facts and logical arguments to tackle a specific issue or problem, and provide insight to help readers make a decision.  The ultimate goal, of course, is to encourage readers to opt to buy the author's products or services. Case studies can also serve as the basis for a white paper.

According to the latest B2B Preferences Survey from DemandGen Report Research, about 53 per cent of respondents consider white papers the most important online content format for researching purchases, and 59 per cent say they share white papers with colleagues.

In this respect, Great River Media needs look no further than its own experience to see the value of a white paper at work. In the first four months of its release, our Marketing Idea Book generated over 200 leads.

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