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What about sponsored content and native advertising?

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Wondering how you could use native advertising and advertorials to promote your business?

Great River Media offers a number of both native advertising and advertorial opportunities through our core publications The Ottawa Business Journal, Techopia and the Kitchissippi Times as well as our industry-specific magazine and newspaper inserts.


Native advertising

This approach involved creating content that matches both the form and function of the user experience in which it is placed. In other words, in a newspaper, the ad looks and reads like the news stories and features typical of that newspaper. On a television news site, the ad may look like a video news segment. Compared to an advertorial, it's less obvious.

Yes, you can go toe-to-toe with a Goliath

Native advertisement may not feature just one advertiser. The content may be focused on a specific theme or topic, and feature perspective from several advertisers who offer complimentary products or services. 


Unlike the types of content we've covered so far, an advertorial is a overtly self-promotional feature article that promotes your products and services. But still, a well-written advertorial focuses on the benefits your product or service provides to the customer. How does it solve that burning issue that is keeping them up at night? This is a distinctly different approach from just touting the features of your product or service.

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