Canada 150 commemorative coffee book launched to rave reviews


2017 is a year that won't soon be forgotten, across Canada and especially in Ottawa. The celebration of Canada's sesquicentennial has placed Ottawa in the role of party planner for our 15-year-old nation.

Years the in planning, Ottawa has staged a series of remarkable events, ranging from giant mechanized spider and dragon to the illumination of an underground light rail station.

On October 5, along with 250 dignitaries and well-wishers, Great River Publishing unveiled a stunning over-sized glossy coffee table book, titled O Canada: A Celebration of 150 Years.

At its launch, the book drew accolades from Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson, Ottawa 2017 Bureau Executive Director Guy Laflamme and Ottawa Centre MPP and Attorney General Yasir Naqvi.

Dignataries said the book will become an important reminder for what was accomplished in Ottawa during the sesquicentennial. (Mayor Watson even said he would place the book in a time capsule.)

Kimothy Walker of Ottawa Media Group and Joan Weinman of The Melbourne Group were partners in the project, two years in the making.

The 178-page book was primarily funded by nine local organizations, each received a large order of books with custom dust cover jackets and two-page profiles.

Not only was the book a remarkable success, but it will be used to raise funds for important charities such as the Michaelle Jean Foundation, the Bruyere Foundation and the Royal Ottawa Foundation for Mental Health.

Always looking to innovate, the book contains several QR codes. When scanned with a smartphone, immersive 360-degree videos launch, allowing the reader to relive incredible moments from Ottawa 2017.

Limited copies are available for sale to the public. Visit for complete information.