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Want to learn more?  Take a look at some of our downloadable publications for more information on OBJ360 and some of our work.

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Marketing Trend Report

The results of the 2016 Business Leaders Marketing Survey are in. Our comprehensive Marketing Trend Report provides context to the current state of marketing in Ottawa, and expected trends over the next three years.

To access the Marketing Trend Report, including the full survey results as well as results broken down by industry, click here.



Case study: the Ottawa Business Growth Survey

In 2016, the OBJ in partnership with the Ottawa Chamber of Commerce and Welch LLP put out the Ottawa Business Growth Survey.

The survey, and its resulting publication provided valuable content to Ottawa's Business Community as well as generating new business for Welch LLP.

Download to learn more about how thought leadership and an effective content campaign can drive business growth for the professional services.

Infographic:  Preliminary Survey Results

The (early) results are in!  While we're working on preparing the full results of the 2016 Business Leaders Marketing Survey, you can preview results in this summary infographic.

The full survey results, with result breakdowns by industry, will be made available over the next few weeks.


Case study: Re-branding Vanier

OBJ360 has been working with the Quartier Vanier to develop a multi-media campaign aimed at attracting business investment to the Vanier neighbourhood.

Download to learn more about our unique approach to promoting the many business opportunities presented by this up-and-coming area of the city. 


2014 Marketing Idea Book

The results of our 2014 B2B marketing survey yielded some interesting trends in B2B marketing among Ottawa businesses.

The Marketing Idea Book includes a summary of the survey results along with some fresh ideas on how to market your business!