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Content marketing

Content marketing

Content marketing is a term that has gained popularity over the last few years due to the increasing importance of establishing thought leadership and credibility with potential customers through the dissemination of value-added content pieces.

Content marketing means creating and sharing content to acquire new customers and retain existing customers, raise the profile of your company’s brand, and engage with your customer base.

The act of content marketing includes creating content, and sharing it through any of the channels available to you.

Through OBJ360, we create compelling content to improve your company's profile, and share it across our network of social media, print, and digital channels.


We work with you to create compelling and visually appealing content to promote your brand, product or services.  This content includes:

  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Blogs
  • Audio
  • Essays
  • White papers
  • Articles
  • Case studies
  • Brochures, infographics, flipbooks, etc.
  • Books & e-books
  • Webinars
  • How-to’s & instructional tools
  • Ratings & reviews

We'll help you share this content across the channels best suited to reach your target audience.  We can assist you through sharing and promoting content using:

  • Your company's website
  • Email
  • Your social media platforms
  • Our social media platforms
  • Purchasing online ad space across the internet
  • Advertising on our websites and in our digital publications
  • Sponsored content
  • Print publications
  • E-newsletters
  • Events
  • Educational tools
  • Content syndicates

Why use content marketing?

Most B2B companies are already doing it.  Why?  Because in a modern sales environment, both your current and future clients are looking to you to demonstrate your thought leadership and insight into the problems that your product or services propose to solve.

We have access to more information than ever, and that information has made us all choosy consumers.  Your clients want information about your company, your pricing, your products, and your past success and failures - all before they ever contact you to set-up a sales meeting.  

Content marketing is how you can deliver key information to your clients while building your credibility and thought leadership within your field of expertise.

What makes content marketing so important in a digital age?

  • 70% of potential clients would rather learn about a company via an article than a traditional advertisement

  • 94% of business buyers do online research before purchasing, consulting 10 or more sources before purchase

  • 84% of potential clients visit your website, 77% use Google search, 41% read user reviews

  • Fresh and compelling content from trusted sources lead to more organic search hits to your website


Contact us to learn more about how content marketing can benefit your business.

Want to learn more about content marketing?  Check out our Marketing Idea Book.